How one class changed my perspective and saved our startup.

To be honest I was finding the interviews with users and customers as a drag. I have so many other obligations with my academics and the requirement to find 5 new people to interview each week just felt unreasonable.

Until, Kevin came to class. Kevin made me understand WHY we need to keep doing interviews — way more interviews (like 70+ a month) if we really want to build a solution that’s truly sought after by users. We have to keep hearing from users- and not just “oh, this is good” — but actually getting a real reaction! You want customers to smile, pay you, cuss you out or laugh in your face.

Of course I’d prefer to send them a Google form, which I can do from my perch of comfort. However, that won’t let me know how people really feel about LexGraft.

But now, I want all the smoke.

A South African lawyer based in New York.

A South African lawyer based in New York.